segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009

novas casinhas :)

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ontem o serão foi comprido e o resutado vê-se :))
aqui está a ultima, com casinhas!!
já tinha saudades delas!
podem vê-la na totalidade aqui

yesterday was a long evening and this is the result :))
here is the last one, with cottages!
I been miss them!
can see it in full here

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  1. I adore your houses, lovely stitchwork!

  2. Anônimo9:48 AM

    So much loveliness here!!!!!!!
    I've decided to giveamazing site.
    You can come and collect the award from my blog and display it IF you want to.
    You do not need to l you an award for you inspirational and colourfully ink back to me or pass the award on unless you want to;D
    x aneela

  3. Gracias a ti por hace cosas tan bellas y mostrarnoslas
    feli fin de semana

  4. I love this. It is just perfect!!


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